Building a tribe starts with a shelter of comfort and security. When others join you or you join others, deciding how to treat each other and what agreements are they, are crucial. Next, what is your contribution to the tribe? building fire, cooking, collecting food, wood, water, etc? Nowadays we have more options to choose from, it can be anything closest to your desires. What and how do you want to contribute? Lets talk about getting paid doing what we love. Finally, our body. Let's make sure we eat, rest, and care for our body. These are the four topics we talk about on how to live better together. March2gether is a mastermind think tank group based in Phx, Arizona. We are a collection of great minds. Our mission is to share, create, and execute ideas to live better together.

  • Designing home to harmonize with nature.

  • Creating the agreements to live by.

  • Get paid doing what we love.

  • Caring for the wellness of our body.